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I was searching for a new screen saver the other day, or rather a nice image to base one on.  I came across which is a stock photography site that sells images.  Unlike most of its competition it welcomes images from amateurs.

While I am no good at photography if you are this site would be well worth looking at if you want to make some extra money.  To me their commission of 35% seems high but in line with other similar sites.  On the other hand, I priced an image as if I wanted to use it on a brochure and the cost would have been £405.  Your earnings wold have been £265.  Not bad if you have an artistic talent, which I don’t.

I think the point here is that there are many ways to make money online.  If you have a talent, a skill, or expertise through a hobby there will be someone out there who will pay you.  The trick, there are 2 really, is to find the sites that can help you find people to employ you and to make sure that the ‘offer’ you receive is not part of some scam.

In the case of Alamy, it has a good reputation and is certainly legitimate.  Always do your research.  Another sure sign that something could be amiss is if you need to pay to register on the site.  If that is the case make sure that your research is very comprehensive.

You have the greatest research tool ever invented in front of you as you read this.  Use it!

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