Somedays (2)

One of the most difficult things about trying to make a living and sell successfully online is motivation.  I have had some difficult days recently.  However, sometimes something happens to make life online a whole lot better.

My Amazon sales have followed the general trend of the world economy, down and then a bit further down.  In the last week 2 items sold through eBay to Italy have gone missing in the post and required free replacements (and yes, John, free replacements can be expensive to the seller).  I may have to rethink whether I sell to people in Italy, the post is notoriously unreliable.  All in all, not a good couple of weeks.

Then, out of the blue I find that the subscription opt-in rate for the newsletter associated with this blog has increased amazingly over the last 2 days!  It is not much, and I do not make money from the blog or newsletter but the increased number and the support I receive from readers has really cheered me up.  My thanks to you all.

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  1. robg Said,

    March 4, 2009 @ 1:00 pm

    I hear ya buddy. I’ve been monitoring sales on eBay and see sales seem down overall. I’m just now putting the finishing touches on a new mm program and will try a new approach to listing on eBay.

    Congrats on not smoking. I gave it up about 2 years ago and no longer have any desire to pollute my lungs. Trying to ween the wife off them now with an e-cigarette.

    Can you tell me more about selling on Amazon? Can you sell ebooks? What does it cost, etc?

  2. phil Said,

    March 5, 2009 @ 7:57 am

    Hi Rob,

    Sales do seem to be down all round. Much of my reason for saying that is anecdotal, comments from other sellers, but everyone is saying the same thing. On the bright side hard times will weed out the bad sellers. I was speaking to someone on Monday who would not use eBay because his daughter had a bad experience – 5 years ago! On the other hand he is happy for his younger daughter to use an unauthorised, probably virus ridden music download site! My point is that if the bad sellers go it is better for the rest of us.

    Not smoking is dreadful ….. 24th January so over a mont5h now – when does it get better?

    Amazon. I will put a post or page together to talk about the basics. Just to answer your question no, e-books as down loadable product is not on. If the e-book was on DVD and you had an ISN (apparently, not difficult to arrange) it could be possible.


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