Home Office Organisation (4)

Planning the Space

You have chosen the room or space that you are going to use.  You are thinking about buying a new or secondhand desk.  The next step is to buy the furniture and fit it into the space, right? 

I do not agree.  Go back and check what you need for your business.  Write it down and think about it.  Then I would look at the furniture options.  Secondhand or new furniture, is up to you but will it fit into your space?  I would go to SmartDraw (there is a free trial download that you can use).  Use that to plan your work space.  There is nothing more frustrating for me than moving furniture to find that it all fits, apart from the last and key piece.  Once you have a plan look at it while you are in your new office.  Does it feel right?  Can you visualise it? Yes?  Then start moving the furniture.

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