Home Office Organisation (3)

Guidelines for using the space for your home office.

There are a number of important factors to consider when setting up your office.

  1. The space should not be small or feel claustrophobic, you could be spending 12 hours day there, you do not want it to feel like a cell.
  2. It needs to be well lit,  it has to be warm in winter and cool in summer.
  3. There has to be room for expansion or (as in my case) room for a movement into another market.
  4. There has to be power and and access to the internet.
  5. It needs to be comfortable.  In my case that means that there has to be a stereo (I could not live without music) and a radio.  You might want to have a coffee table where you can get away from the PC, a clear desk where you can write or read.

The single most important thing about the space you are going to work in is…


This will be the space where you will work, it not somewhere where your partner or kids can drop by to chat.  You need to be able to shut the door to everyday distractions.  You also need to be ale to shut the door when you stop working so that you can spend the time outside of the office on the other important thing in your life, your family and friends.

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