A Murder Is Announced!

A couple of days ago Jane and I hosted a murder party.  You know the kind of thing.  You invite 6 friends and everyone takes a role in a whodunit.  One of them is the murderer and the others have to work out who it is.  It is great fun!  It includes lots of laughter, story telling, guessing, and dressing up in 1920’s clothes (that is when it is set).

As everyone has to dress in character and I was a photographer I obviously wanted and old camera to wear around my neck.  I bought one from a rummage sell for 50p an old Zenit EM an SLR made in the USSR.

Guess what? They are selling on eBay for £8! and the lens is selling for £12!  That is a heck of a mark up. While I am not saying that anyone can make a fortune through buying and selling old cameras, you would need to know what you were doing, it is certainly possible to make some money.  As I said before One Man’s Rubbish……

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