Getting Great eBay Feedback

Great eBay feedback is vital to your eBay business. It reassures your potential customers, it shows up bad sellers for what they are.

But, how do you get, and keep great ebay feedback?  Here are my 5 top ‘secret’ tips.

The first 4 secrets are:

1. Post on the same day. I always endeavour to post on the same day, always within 24 hours. A lot of my feedback comments reference the speed of delivery.

2. Write to the buyer. If you have time email the buyer to say that the item is in the post. Often I get the response that the buyer opened the email after the item arrived. So, is this a waste of time? I do not think so. As a buyer I would welcome the personal notification. I would know that the seller was on the ball and it would make me think better of the seller, and more liable to give good feedback.

3. Include a note with the item. I always include a small letter with the item. It makes the buyer feel special. All you need is a short note that says
A. Thank you for buying from me.
B. I hope you like the item.
C. Please feedback for me and
D. I will gladly do the same for you.

I use a simple template for this letter so it takes seconds, but it will put you apart from most other sellers.

4. Free Replacements. About once a month a parcel will go astray. I confirm the address with the buyer, and if it was correct I always offer a full refund or a replacement. Sure there is a cost but if you are selling 100 items a month (a PowerSeller requirement you should be aiming at) you can bear the cost. Some of the customers that I have given replacements to have become repeat buyers and have recommended me to others.

The 5th Secret is;

The purpose of a business is to provide a service, the objective is to make a profit.

Read that again.

That statement is the REAL secret of getting the great feedback on eBay. Live by it and see your feedback ratings go up.

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