eBay Mistakes AND Opportunities

Spelling Mistakes

There was a time, not so long ago, when I made quite a lot of money selling pottery on eBay.  Not just any pottery but blue and white Jasper ware produced by Wedgwood.  Wedgwood has been making fine china since 1759, (249 years and going strong!) and is still in great demand.  Best known for the blue and white jasper ware which has the iconic pale blue base with white relief figures Wedgwood is a popular subject for auctions on eBay.  However, I was able to buy it on eBay and then resell it on eBay at a profit!  Was I able to to do this because I was an expert?

No.  The reason was that many sellers spelt wedgwood incorrectly.  They spelt it with an extra ‘e’, Wedgewood.

By misspelling in your listing, particularly the key word (often the brand name) you could be missing out on many bidders.  On top of that what impression are you creating?  If you can not spell the brand name do you actually know what you are describing?  Can you be trusted to wrap a piece of pottery properly if you can not be bothered to check your spelling?

For me, of course, I was able to buy inexpensive pieces of Wedgwood by looking for the misspelling and then sell the same piece immediately at higher pieces.

Does this still work?  Yes, but not so well for Wedgwood.  It seems as if more buyers are now aware of the issue and positively look for pieces of ‘wedgewood’.  Looking for spelling errors still works well for other items.  There is a band called The Roling Stones and they brought out an album called ‘Exile on Main Street’.  I was able to buy a mint copy for £2 while the same album listed under The Rolling Stones Sells for about £35.

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