My To Do List, Does it Work?

As I have said previously the recent weeks have been difficult, long hours too much to do etc.

I have mentioned time management before but I just wanted to share my thoughts about my mainstay for time management, my to do list.

Writing a to do list has saved me, for a number of reasons.  Firstly, and most obvious, the items at the top of the list get done.  Secondly, by writing a to do list each evening I review my priorities constantly.  What is important today may be both important and urgent tomorrow.  The to do list has to reflect this.  Thirdly, if something is on my to do list forever, but never reaches the top should it be there anyway?

The most important thing that should be on the to do list, but is not ever included is, rewrite the to do list! That is because after a couple of years selling on eBay, Amazon etc. it is second nature.  I think that beginning a to do list would probably be in the top 5 of my pieces of advice to anyone beginning the fantastic journey that is eBay.

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