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The one thing that site and blog owners always want to increase is their traffic.  (Tell me about it).

There is a folk myth that the Adobe reader’s download page is the most back-linked in the world.  I am not sure about that but I know that Google ranks it as 10/10 for importance. Google’s algorithm is a mystery, probably including to those that work with it.  It is no secret that a good number and quality of of back links helps a site’s page rank.

The problem is to get people to back to you to create those juicy back-links without having to give out reciprocal links which are worth less in Google’s view. Here is an idea to increase back-links and so page ranking on search engines like Google.

Write a template, any template, and include your link at the bottom and then give it away.

Let me be more specific.  I can not write a decent advert template from scratch and so for my classified ads I use free templates that I got from Tracey Edwards when I bought her Auction Classified Cash book.  I am very happy with them.  At the bottom of them there is a link to Tracey’s site, and why not?  She may get people clicking on the link to see if they can use them as well.  More importantly, each classified ad that I run creates a back-link to Tracey’s site.  True that link only lasts 30 days but it is alweays replaced with another and will be as long as I sell on ebay.

Think about it.  Tracey has written a great book about selling on eBay using classified ads.  Say she has sold 1,000 copies (It will be many more but I am just illustrating a point).  Of those 1,000 people 75% are going to write at least 1 advert.  Are they going to struggle putting a nice advert together or use the convenient and attractive templates?  Instant 750 back links.  Say half of those 750 keep writing classified ads most will keep with the templates, human beings are lazy by nature.

Tracey has at least 300 back-links but as most people will run 2 or 3 ads at a time she probably has 600 – 900 back-links.  That increases her page rank so that more people find her site via Google’s organic search, she makes more sales, gives away more templates, more people use the templates, that gives her more back-links, which increases her page rank……….. Well you get the idea.

But YOU could do something similar.  Create a template for adverts, squeeze pages, web pages, create a free WP theme, whatever there are many possibilities.  Then give them away. Your site gets publicity, you are seen gain credibility and you build back-links. Neat huh? If only I could do it myself……………

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