I Have Negative Feedback!

As I have said before good feedback is vital to any online seller using eBay.  I have gone out of my way to achieve a 100% rating.  At the moment I am sitting on 2512 positives since my last negative.

But Amazon is different.  I received negative feedback yesterday.  The reason was that I sold a CD to someone “as new” and when it arrived there was a crack in the CD case.  My initial reaction was to post a reply saying something like ” What! Am I now responsiblke for the failings of the Royal Mail?  Give the heavy handed thugs in RM the negative feedback, not me.  Anyway, miss buyer, why did you post the feedback without contacting me? Your actions could cost me business, hit my income.  You should be banned from buying on Amazon, or anywhere else.”

What I did was to post a reply that went something like this “Item damaged in the post, refund initiated.  Sorry that this has happened, luckily, damage in the post is rare.”  Or something similar.  The former would have made me feel better the second is more productive.

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