Divergence (What’s that?) – How to Sell on eBay

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The excellent Oliver Goehler (AKA The Auction Kommando) has been talking about divergence for quite a while now.  The basic idea is that you look for a divergence between buying and selling prices buying low and selling, well high.  For example.  If you buy a job lot of books can you sell them separately for a profit?

As an example, I recently bought 50 DVDs about steam trains……….  I paid £10 for the lot.  I have listed half of them on Amazon, most for 99p some for £10 and a couple for £25 and £50!  The first sales were for £5, £10, and 99p – I am in profit already.

Divergence is such a simple idea that Oliver explains very well in his books.  The one thing that is necessary is an open mind and an ability to imagine.  When I bought the DVDs I thought that there was value in them.  My partner, Jane thought OMG more rubbish!  It is all in the eyes of the beholder.

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