Where to get Stuff to Sell on eBay? (1)

When I started selling on eBay like everyone else I started selling things that I owned but no longer wanted.  However, that is not the way to build a sustainable business.

I often read people saying buy on eBay to sell on eBay.  It seemed like strange advice but it is true eBay itself is a great source of products to sell, on eBay!

As with most things in life building a business on eBay  is easier if you have some money to start with but it is not impossible without.  Here is an idea for finding stock on ebay if you have money to start with;

Let’s assume that you want to sell books on eBay.  Why not, there is a good established market.  Books are easy to wrap and post.  Everyone who uses eBay will have bought a book at sometime or other and so your potential market is almost unlimited.  Here is a good way to go about getting stock.

Go to the ‘Books, comics, magazines’ category via the buy option at the top of the eBay screen.  Do not enter any search terms (you want all items under books to come up).  Search.  There will be thousands of results (actually there were 7,896,853 when I just did it!)  all sorted by ‘best match’ (whatever that means but that another topic….)  Now go to the ‘sort by’ menu box and select Highest First.  What you will find are some extremely rare and expensive books and wholesale offers.  It is the wholesale offers that should interest you.

These offers give you the opportunity to buy hundreds or thousands of books at pennies each.  Now, be aware some may not be re-saleable.  Some might be damaged, there may be more than a few of the same title.  Read the descriptions very, very carefully.  Also, how long the seller has been using eBay? Look at his feedback.  Do everything you would do if you were spending £10 on eBay but very thoroughly, remember you may be spending more than 100 times that amount.  Be very careful.

Some other things to consider;  600 books, all different sounds good but that is 600 separate listings, time consuming and expensive.  If you are buying a pallet of books how will it be delivered?  Will the seller expect you to have a fork lift truck in your garage to unload the pallet?  (If you do have a fork lift in your garage, why?).  Where are you going to store 600 books?  Plan the storage because no only do you need the space you need a system.  If the books are in one great heap how are you going to feel if the first books you sell is at the bottom of the heap. How do you know where a book is unless you have them sorted and cataloguesd?

You get the idea.

Later I will talk about how to start your business with no money (well very, very little).

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