The Purpose of a Business

When I was a young lad of 16 I went to work in a bank.  There I met a man called John James who was the sub-manager.  He took me on as his ‘project’, lord knows I did not have a clue.

One day he asked me a question.  “What is the purpose of a business?”  Obviously I said to make a profit.  That was wrong.  He said that the purpose of any business is to provide a service, the objective is to make a profit.  Anyone in business loses sight of this simple truth at their peril.

This applies to all of us working from home.  We must provide a service that allows customers to feel that we deserve their business.  We must give value.  Not just in terms of price but delivery times and the quality of what we sell.  I always try to post my items that day of the order, certainly by the end of the next working day and never any later than that.  That is one of my missions.  I always include a note with each sale to say thank you.  It is personalised and I often talk about the purchase describing the book or how best to look after the Zippo or whatever.

The result? 2000 positive feedbacks on eBay and not one negative.  You can not buy that sort of recommendation!

It is all about providing a service, John James was right!

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