So, Have You Given up on BINs?

Since ‘best match’ was introduced by eBay some of my friends have noticed a dramatic drop in their BIN (Buy It Now) sales.  They have switrched back to auctions.  Why should this have happened?

My experience has been that my BINs are going well, better than before!

What is going on?

My theory is that best match is rewarding two types of BINs.

1. Successful BINS based on brand names.

2. Keyword rich titles.

BINs based on popular brand names will score well as best matches.  For example, more people will search for ‘Zippo’ (my niche) rather than ‘petrol lighters’ because Zippo is THE brand to own.  So my listings appear towards the top of the brand rich category ‘pocket lighters’.  Think about perfumes do most people search for ‘smells like this’ or for a brand name?

As for keywords.  When most smokers think of Zippos they think ‘windproof lighter’ This is Zippo’s USP and has been for decades.  This is a keyword that I always use.

The first implication of this change is that if you are selling a non branded, or not well known brand, in a brand dominated category you will suffer.  The second is that we will all have to do more keyword research.

Good listing!

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