I am so tired……….

You know what?  I have been subscribing to many (many, many) newsletters on your behalf.  What I mean is that if I subscribe to them you do not have to, because I can tell you which are really useful.

Each day brings some 170 emails from the newsletters……

This is a problem as I read them all.  Most are saying the same thing “buy from me and I will make you a milliionaire overnight”.  Call me a sceptic but if I was a millionaire would I be telling Joe Soap how I did it?  Nah, I would be living in India (I LOVE India, the people are wonderful and they are so positive about EVERYTHING)   So, why are these people sharing their secrets with me for just $49 or $497 or $1497? 

It is either greed or a scam.   It must be greed,  I do not want to be sued…..

There are however some things that are free and some things that are value for the price.  I have subcribed to Jim Cockrum’s newsletter for more than 2 years.  It is free but worth so much more.  Thanks to Jim I am a power seller onj eBay.  The reviews of his e-book  The Silent Sales Machine are all positive, as they should be. 

Sign up for Jim’s newsletter here.

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