I have only listed resources that I have either used (and like) or have been recommended by people I trust.

Hosting is a good and reliable host for web sites and blogs.  It is the host for this site.  Hostgator is another well respected hosting service.  Between Blue Host and Hostgator you should not have to look elsewhere.


This useful software is essential to build relationships with your customers and keeping them informed.  What I like about all of them is that they have strict ethical rules, break those rules and your account will be suspended.  I like ethical sites.  Getresponce and Aweber are mentioned all over the net Autoresponders4all is the service I use.

Domain Name Registration.

All you need is an inexpensive and reliable service.  This is what you get with  Nuff said!!

Affiliate Marketing

If you are looking for products to promote there are a few sites to visit.  I like but the others all have interesting products.

Newsletters, Advice, and Blog Stuff

If I had to have only one newsletter it would be Jim Cockrum’s.  After all he wrote Silent Salesman which is probably the best selling ebook abut selling on eBay.  This book is HIGHLY recommended.

Also highly recommended are Dave’s Online Videos.  They are very clear and in enough detail for duffers like me to follow!  Another site that I like, I have only just found it, is Internet Marketing Campfire.  It is not flashy and there is a nice line in humour.

If you are starting a WordPress blog, and why wouldn’t you, then there are some very fine themes at Woothemes.  I will be switching to one just as soon as I have the basics of this blog set up.


I always use Viking Direct for my office consumables.  I have used them for 3 years, my experience?  Next day delivery, superb quality, no damage to anything – ever, and very comptitive prices.  need I say more?


Finding decent wholesale directories is one of the biggest problems for sellers on eBay.  Here are a couple that I have used and can personally recommend.  The first is Salehoo they have a large range of goods, they will even look for new goods for you if they do not currently have it on their books.

Wholesale Products and Sources

The second is World Wide Brands. Again they pre-approve the sources making buying via them (and Salehoo) as safe as possible.

Lastly,  Simply Wholesale an UK based wholesale directory has a good reputation and is worth looking at.

Here is a link to a UK Wholesaler Guide that you may find useful.

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