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Here are some of the essential tools that you will need to buy and sell effectively on eBay.  Most are free, some are not.  These are the services that I use and am happy to recommend them.  If you have any ideas of services and sources of information that should be included please let me know.


We all buy on eBay and it is so easy to make the process both easier and cheaper.  I often find stock to sell on eBay, often to resell on eBay at a profit, which is a nice trick!

Beasy Search Tool

This is nice, and free.  Quite simply some sellers mis-spell brand names and keywords in their listings.  The example I have used in the past is of sellers spelling Wedgwood pottery items (very collectible) as Wedgewood.  I have looked for these mis-spelled listings in the past but the process can be time consuming. This little program makes it easy.  Here is the link (I know, I hate the graphic too).

Save and make money. Online eBay tool

Auction Sniper

Have you ever been beaten when bidding on an item by a bid that arrived just seconds before the auction ends?  then you have been sniped!  This service allows you to set a maximum bid on any eBay item and then forget it.  Your bid will be made in the last 7 seconds of the auction.

There are several advantages.  Firstly, you do not have to watch the auction.  Secondly, you set your maximum bid and do not get caught up in a bidding war (we have all been there).  Thirdly, you do not show your interest (and encourage others to bid higher) until the very end of the auction.

I regularly use this service to bid on a number of items, I can objectively set a price limit that guarantees me a profit on resale and forget it.  I can set limits on a number of items knowing that any I win will be good value with no risk of bidding ‘just that little bit more’.  There is a small charge but your first 3 snipes are free so you can try it at no risk.  Here is the link Auction Sniper.

Save Money on Every eBay Purchase

Kick It Back is a great idea.  To buy on eBay you log onto eBay via Kick It Back and you receive a discount on every purchase!  This is how it works.  They provide with eBay exposure and traffic, and for doing so, eBay pays them a commission. They then share some of that commission with you, all for doing nothing more than remembering to use KickItBack for your eBay purchases. There are no sign-up fees and no monthly charges.  You simply receive cash-back rewards for using KickItBack to buy great deals on eBay.

This really is a no brainer!

Earn money when your friends shop on eBay


Make your listings look professional

Ever noticed those elegant templates and scrolling bars that highlight the seller’s other items?  That is Auctiva at work!  A great free service.  I use it all the time and can not recommend it high enough. (One small added bonus is that by using Auctiva you can avoid the scheduling charges made by eBay).
FREE Auction Templates

Classified Ads on Bay

Not many sellers make as much use as they should.  I have recently begun to use them with good results. The reason I started using them is because of this e-book Tracey Edwards is a bit a guru when it comes to using classifieds on eBay.  The chances are is that if you are reading this you may well have found your way here via an eBay classified ad, so they do work!  This book is a great way to learn all about them.

Auction Classified Cash.

The Silent Sales Machine Hiding On eBay

Quite simply the best book about expanding your eBay business.  Do not just take my word for it.  There is a reason why it is the biggest selling e-Book about selling on eBay.  I could go on about this book, and often do, but it would just seem like advertising hype as I am so keen on it!  All I will say is that my eBay business grew when I started using just some of the ideas in this book.  There are still more ideas that I plan to integrate into my selling.  Just reading this book opened my eyes and began me thinking ‘out of the box’ (I hate that phrase but it fits). This is the best e-book I ever bought, I bought it a couple of years ago and still re-read it.

The Silent Sales Machine Hiding On eBay.

How About Your Consumables?

By which I mean all those things that you use to post your items, brown paper, bubble wrap, padded envelopes, sellotape, printer cartridges etc.  My personal knowledge of buying these supplies is limited to the UK as that is where I live.  The firm that I use is Viking Direct.  Their service is unbeatable (guaranteed next day delivery – free if you spend more than £30) and I have not found anyone to beat their prices, and I have tried.  I have used them for more than 3 years without any issues.  What more can I say?

Viking Direct

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Save and make money. Online eBay tool