How To Make More Money From Your eBay Listings

As we all know, you are not allowed to include links from your eBay listings to another non-ebay sales page, eBay wants to keep sales within eBay.  No one can blame them for that.  However, you are allowed links in your listings.  You will know that you can link from the listing to your ‘About me’ page for example.  If you read eBay’s listing policy this is what it says;

“eBay allows sellers to place only certain types of links within an item description. Links that are allowed are listed below; sellers should review the specific links policy to ensure any links included in the listing adhere to the policies outlined.

·        One link to a page that further describes the item being sold in that listing

·        One link to your email address that opens an email client for potential buyers to ask questions about the item in that listing

·        Links to photos of the item for sale

·        Links to your eBay (including your eBay Shop)

·        Links to your About Me page (in addition to the About Me icon already provided by eBay)

·        Links that provide credits to third parties

·        One link to your listing terms and conditions (providing that the most relevant information is within the listing itself and that this page does not include any links off of the eBay website)”

What does this mean?  You can link to a page (on a web site) that explains more about your listed item, as long as you do not have non-eBay items for sale on that page.

So, if I am selling Wade Whimsies (small ornamental animall figures made by a famous English pottery and very collectable) for example I can link to a page on my site that explains more about Wade designs.  I can not offer more non-eBay Wade products for sale, on that page. What I can do is to link from that information page to another page on my site that does offer more products for sale.
In other words I can direct traffic from eBay listings to an external sales page as long as I do not do it directly.  Keep 2 links distance between the listing and another sales page.

So, this is all very interesting, but why should I bother?

  • Because you will not pay eBay listing fees on those products you sell off eBay.
  • Because your eBay competitors will not see what you are selling, how many sales you are making, and what your pricing policy off eBay is.
  • Because you control the sales environment on your site.
  • Because you can invite people onto your opt-in mailing list to build your brand.
  • Because you can sell digitally delivered products from your site, which is something that you can not do on eBay.  You can still make use of eBay’s enormous traffic using this method.
  • We should never defy or break eBay’s rules but we can, and should look for ways to make best use of them.  As an accountant would tell you tax evasion is illegal, tax avoidance is both legal and desirable.

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