They Want Your Money

I received an e-mail today.

It told me that my bad grammer could be  ‘costing me sales’  For just $97 I could correct this problem.

I would have believed the e-mail more if;

1.  He said ‘never, never’ rather than ‘never never’

2.  Spelt ‘Essientials’  ‘Essentails’.

3.  Used vs rather than Vs.

4. Spelt ‘leran’ rather than ‘learn’.

The moral is, do not take anything that is sent to you as the truth.  Look for the motive behind the e-mail.  If someone wants to sell something to you just how trustworthy are they?  Look for reviews of their product, what do others say?’ 


More than that I do not trust anyone who does does not me that courtesy of using a spell checker on their sales page.  They do not deserve my (our) business.

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