Do You Want Extra Cash Fast?

Most of us would like some more money, but how to go about it?

We all know that the internet is full of money making opportunities , we read that everywhere.  What are the best ways of tapping this great resource?  If your target is to raise US$1,000 in 10 days how would you begin?  Here are some ideas.

1. EBay.

How could any discussion of raising money online not include eBay?  The sign up process is quick and easy, there is a recognised and safe payment channel (PayPal) and lots of traffic.

Forget sourcing new goods from wholesalers having only 10 days makes that route difficult.  However, by de-cluttering buying goods to resell from charity and thrift shops, selling for friends (and splitting the profits) most of use could come very close to our target.   10 day listings that start on a Thursday are my preferred options as they finish on a Sunday when many people look at eBay and the listing has the previous weekend to catch peoples’ attention.

There are many sites that can walk you through the mechanics of selling on eBay and further hints and tips will be appearing on this blog in the weeks and months ahead.

2. Amazon

Not as many people realise that it is possible to sell through Amazon.  If you have good quality books and CDs that is where I would list them.  Again opening an account is very easy.  Look for the ‘Sell on Amazon’ link at the bottom of the home page.  Ignore the pro-merchant option that is not suitable for our purposes today.  Listing on Amazon is very easy with all the information completed automatically once you have filled in the ISBN (for books) or UPC (for CDs etc).

One advantage of Amazon over eBay is that you are not charged until the item is sold although the charges may be marginally more that eBay when you do make a sale.  Also, this is not a auction sale and you are able to look at other sellers’ prices before you list and thus able to price your items aggressively if you want to.  Again consider augmenting your stock from low cost supplies if necessary.

3. Affiliate marketing Using Emails

At its simplest affiliate marketing is promoting somebody else’s product and taking a share of the sale price.  The product producer wins because of increased sales and you win through the commission paid.  It is entirely possible to do this using emails.  I must emphasise that under no account should you consider just broadcasting emails to everyone in your address book, there is nasty name for that sort of thing, it is called spamming and we all hate receiving spam so do not do it!  You need good qualified prospects. 

Here is one method of selling using emails.

  • A. Find a product. Go to Clickbank or one of the other affiliate networks (look at my Resources page) to choose what you want to promote. Choose a product in an area that you have knowledge about or are interested in. There are thousands of products that you could promote and so you will be able to find a product that suits you. Check the commission level, the conversion rate, how long the provider has been in business, Google the product for reviews. When you are satisfied that you can promote a product with conviction sign up. You also need a PayPal account to accept your commission.
  • B. Find email address. You can use the names in your address book, but vet them first. While your address book members really be interested in what you are promoting? Always exercise caution with emails, never risk spamming anyone. You can buy a list of names from co-registration companies. Check them out before you buy a list. Make sure that they are pre-qualified lists and have not been sold to lots of other marketers
  • C. You need an autoresponder at this point. An autoresponder will allow you to send emails to your list and to fiollow up the initial email with a predetermined series of emails. Two of the most prominent services are Awber and Getresponce.
  • D. Create your series of emails, both Aweber and Getresponce will help you with this. Essentially what you want to do is to show that your product addresses a real problem and offers a good solution. Start sending the emails and follow up with the series of emails that you have already planned.

All there is to do now is to wait for the money, and plan your next campaign.

4. Affiliate Marketing With Website

The first step is the same as for the email strategy grab yourself a good product.

  • A. Start a website. There is nothing simpler. Go to Bluehost to get the cheapest package they offer.
  • B. Buy a domain name from using a couple of keywords related to the product that you are promoting in the title.
  • C. Go back to and in the Cpanel find the ‘redirect’ option and redirect to your hoplink that you received when you signed up for Clickbank.

 Note:  That all may sound a little complicated but if I can do it so can you.  What you have done is to redirect any traffic to your site directly to the sales page of your chosen product.  What you need now is the traffic.

 Pour yourself a cup of coffee.  So far you have used up about half of one of your 10 days.  Now the work begins………

  •  D. Write articles about the problem that the product solves, lots of them, about 15 at a minimum. These articles need only be about 500 words long but they must be unique. The title of the article is one of its most important features. Include keywords related to your chosen product in the title. The articles must be interesting but not pushing the product directly. The object is to make readers want to come to your site to look at the solution. To make the task of writing 15 articles easier use a ‘list’ or ‘how to’ format. For example, “10 Ways to Reduce Arthritic Pain” or “How to Escape from the Credit Crunch”. Obviously, one of the solutions and the best one will be provided by your product.
  • E. Next to the title the most important thing about the article is the ‘bio’. This is a small amount of text, and a link to your site in which you can introduce yourself and your site. This will be published along with each of your articles.
  • F. When you have 15 to 20 articles, yes you have been writing all through the night, have them published. There are lots of article directories. These are the ones I like and use most;

Go to Google and search for more.  Publish all your articles to all of them.  Using a piece of software such as Article Submitter makes the process easier.

That is the end of the second day out of 10.  get some sleep.

  • G. Have breakfast. Then start a Squidoo lens. Add an Amazon module, a guestbook, anything to make it interesting and interactive. Publish your articles to it over the next 7 days. Do the same at Hubpages. Add links to your redirected website as you go. Join forums, add relevant comments, including the link to your site. Search for on topic blogs and do the same.
  • H. Now relax and take some time to go to See if there are any questions about the niche that your product is in. If there are then answer them again including a link to your site.
  • I. Keep putting your web address out there using any and all legitimate means and watch your Paypal account grow.

 5. Got a Talent? Then use it.

If you can write well you can join and  Look at the sites and review other people’s portfolios.  Once you have a feeling for what is in demand produce your own portfolio.   If your talent is technical you can use these sites as well as  Look for jobs that are about to expire but have no bidderts.  Apply for those.

While you are waiting for the offers to flood in sign up for Amazon Turk etc.  It will keep the pennies coming in.

6. Write an E-book

Writing an e-book is not as scary as it sounds.  Write as if you are explaining your chosen topic to a friend.  Take it in steps and keep to the point.  A small book packed with good advice and information is much better than a rambling tome (80 to 100 pages is fine).  Get a free copy of Open Office.  Export your book as a  PDF document .  By the way, include screen shots or photos to make the content easier to follow.  Remember to use copywrite free images.

Register a good domain name, start a site that consists of one sales page with a clickable sales form, a Paypal payment option, and a download page.  After someone buys and pays you via Paypal they are directed to the download page to get the book.  Use the sales form to collect the email address and name and give them the option to join your free newsletter as a thank you for buying your book, set up an autoresponder and send them a newsletter including relevant information and details of your next e-book………

Go to and register as a publisher.  You have to decide on the commission level.  You may think that offering a higher commission than similar products is giving away money but 25% of something is better than 75% of nothing.  Remember other people will have a better track record than you at this point. 

Visit forums, write articles, visit to promote your e-book.  The more interest you can drum up the better, not only will you get direct sales but affiliates will hear about the buzz around this new e-book.  Start writing your second e-book about another aspect of the same niche that the first one occupies.  Repeat the formula.

Will this make you US$1,000 in 10 days? It is possible but it likely to be a close run thing as you have to do a lot of work upfront before any money comes in.  However, as an ongoing source of residual income writing e-books has proved to be very effective.

7. If all this seems like hard work……

Log on to an online casino that offers to match or better your initial deposit.  Play roulette betting on the colours.  The plan is simple.

Place the lowest possible stake on red.  If red loses double the stake and play red again, repeat sticking to red until red comes up.  Place the lowest possible stake on black and follow the same routine.  Every time you win you are ahead!

I really can not recommend this last strategy for 2 reasons.

  • A. I think that gambling is wrong (it is a moral thing with me).
  • B. If it was that easy to beat the casinos they would have gone out of business years ago.


 Whatever you do to raise US$1,000 in 10 days pursue it with all your energies and passion.  Do not be deflected.  If you make $500 rather than $1,000 that is still a success.  Let me know how you get on so that I can pass your tips on to other readers of the blog.

 Good luck and remember, keep on keeping on!


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