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Amazon Vs eBay (5) – Buyers

Sell Successfully online

This is a short series of posts comparing selling successfully on eBay and on Amazon from the seller’s perspective. This time I am looking at buyers and their expectations.

The buyers on Amazon and eBay are different.  Amazon buyers are loyal to Amazon many would not dream of buying on eBay.  eBay buyers often feel that Amazon sellers charge too much.  On eBay they expect less, post an item within a week and the buyer is happy.  Post an item sold on Amazon more than 2 days after the sale and the buyer will complain.  Amazon buyers are more expectant and demanding.  Depending on your point of view, this is either a good or a bad thing.

Personally, I think that customers with high expectations are a good thing.  It drives bad sellers out of the market.  Conversely it can make them a pain to deal with.  They do not expect to have to email to ask if their purchase has been posted, and neither should they.  It is just that they will do it after 24 hours, eBay buyers will do it after 96.

I enjoy working with eBay buyers there is more interaction than with Amazon buyers.  Consequently, the average time spent on eBay sales is less than on Amazon sales,  From the point of view of your business the advantage has to go to Amazon.

Result; Amazon wins.


Amazon            4

eBay                 0

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Here Comes the Crunch – How to Sell on eBay

When the Going Gets Tough…..

Sell successfully online

Sell successfully online

We all know that times are hard.  The banks have brought the world to the brink of collapse.

All of us selling on eBay will have noticed the effects.  Take my example.  I import from the USA into the UK.  Last yearthe exchange rate was $2.00 to £1.00 now it is $1.41to £1.00.  Also, our customers have less money to spend.

What should we do, pack up and go home?  Not on your life!  Now, more than ever, good eBay sellers will prosper while bad sellers will suffer.  Concentrate on giving value and great service.

It is time to be professional, automate where you can, search for value (review your wholesale and consumables sources), and give give value to your customers.  Even if you have to reduce your margins the coming year will only make you stronger.  You will learn more in the coming year than you did in the last year.

In January 2008 it was easy to make money on eBay.  In January 2009 it is hard.  be sure that you are still in the game in January 2010.

Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

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Getting Great eBay Feedback

Great eBay feedback is vital to your eBay business. It reassures your potential customers, it shows up bad sellers for what they are.

But, how do you get, and keep great ebay feedback?  Here are my 5 top ‘secret’ tips.

The first 4 secrets are:

1. Post on the same day. I always endeavour to post on the same day, always within 24 hours. A lot of my feedback comments reference the speed of delivery.

2. Write to the buyer. If you have time email the buyer to say that the item is in the post. Often I get the response that the buyer opened the email after the item arrived. So, is this a waste of time? I do not think so. As a buyer I would welcome the personal notification. I would know that the seller was on the ball and it would make me think better of the seller, and more liable to give good feedback.

3. Include a note with the item. I always include a small letter with the item. It makes the buyer feel special. All you need is a short note that says
A. Thank you for buying from me.
B. I hope you like the item.
C. Please feedback for me and
D. I will gladly do the same for you.

I use a simple template for this letter so it takes seconds, but it will put you apart from most other sellers.

4. Free Replacements. About once a month a parcel will go astray. I confirm the address with the buyer, and if it was correct I always offer a full refund or a replacement. Sure there is a cost but if you are selling 100 items a month (a PowerSeller requirement you should be aiming at) you can bear the cost. Some of the customers that I have given replacements to have become repeat buyers and have recommended me to others.

The 5th Secret is;

The purpose of a business is to provide a service, the objective is to make a profit.

Read that again.

That statement is the REAL secret of getting the great feedback on eBay. Live by it and see your feedback ratings go up.

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This Time Next Year

I’ll be a Millionaire, perhaps…… Most of us want to make money.  Making money on the internet, some nice little internet business or online enterprise that you could run for a couple of hours a day while sipping on a long cold drink on a long hot beach would fit the bill nicely.  This blog is the diary of my attempts to make money online.  It will mention some online opportunities, and point out some genuine, and not so genuine money making ideas.  A bit of background.  I am in my 50s, live in the U.K. with a wonderful partner (Jane).  I have a deadend job.  I make money selling on eBay and selling on Amazon.  I do not make enough to give up my ‘proper’ job, but it all helps.  I would like to make more money online.  Join me on this journey, read my notes, tell me your stories, learn from my mistakes, let’s grow together.


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