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Make money While Buying on eBay!!

Save on every eBay purchase!

Kick it Back is a great site that I have been using for a while.  The basic idea is that for every purchase you make on eBay through Kick It Back earns you a rebate of 1%.  If you buy something for $100 you earn $1 into your Kick It Back account.  The whole system is transparrent.  You log onto Kick It Back and go through to eBay, it is seemless.  After the purchase 1% of the price is added to your account.  Each month the money is sent to your Paypal account, as long as the balance is over $5.  You can even request the money whenever you want.

So you save on purchases for doing nothing, but it gets better!  If you refer your friends not only will they save on their purchases but you will also get a small percentage.  They save and you earn!

I have looked at this site looking for the flaws (I am a suspicious so and so) and can not find any.  The only slight downside is that Kick It Back can not work with sniper tools.  The reason is that KIB works from your browser and so can not track your bids from an auction sniping tool. 

Check out Kit It Back now, go on you know it makes sense (and cents) Earn money back when buying on eBay

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