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Sell successfully online

Sell successfully online

One of the keys to selling successfully online, or anywhere else is to understand your market.  Here are a few facts about the sales site that is beginning to make waves.

Free signup and the basic level of membership is free.

Free listings (charges only sales made)

Free shopping comparison sites and search engines

Bulk uploading for listings

Free shopfront with search tools

Payment options include PayPal, Google Checkout, personal cheques.

Each customer carries their own shopping cart with them across various vendors (like Amazon).

Perhaps I should start a series of blogs comparing eBay and AtomicMall (see my ongoing comparison of eBay and Amazon).  If I were to start a 3rd party sales site I would want to include all of the options above.  Add to that a very happy buyer and seller community, if the community boards are anything to go by and tell me, what is not to love?

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Selling Successfully Online Needs Lots of page Views.

Sell successfully online

Sell successfully online

A seller only needs one visitor to buy one item however it is obvious that the more people that look at your item the better the chances that that buyer will be among them.  One of the challenges to those of us that sell successfully online is to find listing sites that have a lot of traffic.  Until a year or so ago there was only one real choice, eBay.  Since then more of us have realized the benefit of listing items on Amazon (hence the growth in third party sales on Amazon).  Now there really may be a third option for those of us who strive to sell online,

AM is now known to generate more page views per item than anyone else and that must be good news for online sellers.  Add to that a policy of no listing fees unless a sale is made and you can understand why sellers are looking at AM seriously.  What lies ahead for AM could be their biggest challenge, how to make the buying public look to them before the big 2.

The jury is still out on AM but only the foolish online seller would overlook this site.  There is nothing to lose and a lot to gain for all us who sell online.  It is well worth looking at AM as another income stream, and maybe more in the future.

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