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Put Some Reality Back Into Your Offers, Please.

I just received an email from a well respected internet marketer.  There was the inevitable affiliate link to the next ‘best thing since sliced bread’ offer.  Now, I have  no doubt that my life would be revolutionised and improved beyond recognition by this product.  (Actually, I do but let that pass).  However, the true value of this offer was discounted by 90% to – wait, you guessed it $97!

Why is everything $97, or $27, or $47?  I do not know about you but these psychological selling points do not work on me, they just annoy me.  All I want is a product that works and that is cost effective.  Which is why I only recommend things that I have bought and use or if I have not used them I tell you up front.

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Last night a friend of mine referred me to a site
called  She recommended that I
check it out as it offers a FREE summary of key online

I have to tell you – this package is unbelievable.  The
package consists of a set of process maps – called
Cashmaps – that show you the steps necessary to setting
up and growing an online business.

At each step, there are one or more online resources that
are referenced so that you can see exactly when and where
to use the resource.

Overall – this is a great product.  The only thing that it
seems to be missing is a write-up to help distinguish between
the resources.  There’s so many resources on here that it’s
sometimes a bit hard to decide which one to use!

I’d highly recommend that you check out

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Steve’s Taken the Challenge!

Steve, who runs the excellent Electro Book Express (a good source of e-books) emailed me the other day to say that he has taken up the challenge to make $1000 in 10 days following the ideas on the page headed ‘Do you want cash fast’.


He is starting from a standing start, not using any of his existing lists, no stockpile of articles, and not in an area he has been involved in before.  His chosen niche for the challenge is the weight loss area.  He will be using a couple of affiliate products, a new site, and article marketing.    He is well aware of the amount of work that this will require but he says that he is up for it.


Further updates as I get them, I am sure we all wish him well – and a good rest when he’s done it!

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