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Post Free or Not Post Free?

Sell successfully online

Sell successfully online

There are many ingredients that go into making a buying decision, quality, reputation (feedback), cost, delivery schedule. Of these cost is often the most important.

However, it has long been said that eBay buyers only look at the main price and do not compare price plus postage (p&p) to get a true reflection of costs. In other words a low price with a high postage would sell better than a reasonable price and reasonable postage – even if the second item was cheaper overall.

These days eBay give preferential listings for ‘post free’ items and so I have been experimenting. I compared my normal listings (reasonable prices and p&p) against post free listings – total cost for each being the same. The post free came out on top.

Next I listed some post free ads where the price was more than the usual p&P listings. Guess what? The post free listings performed better!

The upshot? I suppose that we can conclude that most buyers do not bother to change their searches to look for the “price + P&P, Lowest First” filter, they leave it on the “best Match” filter. They also do not then go through all the listings (but we knew that) so that the nearer the top of the listings the better.

I have changed my listing policy.

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Customers, Who’d Have Them?

So this guy bought a Zippo from me. He emailed to say that he couldn’t pay me for a week because he was waiting to be paid. I said OK. Then he paid and I sent the Zippo. Then he emailed to say that the Zippo was faulty. I said return it for a full refund. Then he said that he would keep it but wanted a discount on an another. I agreed, giving him a good discount. Then he emailed demanding that I give him a full refund on the original.

Losing the will to live I agree and he agrees the ‘faulty’ original. It is not faulty and has been used, a lot, the box is damaged. In other words it is worthless……….

Customers who’ have them?


I am sorry that this post has been so negative, but the whole thing got to me slightly. The more so given that I was lead to believe that the lighter was unused. My guess is that he just did not like the one he bought originally. Never mind.

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Where to Sell Ice Cream

Sell successfully online

Sell successfully online

So, there are two beautiful beaches. On one there are 5 ice cream vendors all doing brisk business. On the other beautiful beach there are no ice cream vendors. Where do you go to sell your ice creams?

Obviously, you go where they are already selling. Chances are they are not selling on the other beach for a good reason, no one sunbathing because there are sharks in the water, something like that. What I am saying is look to see what is selling and sell the same, just a bit better. Being an innovator is very hard.

What we need is a road map to get us to this beach, and luckily we have one, it’s called eBay Pulse. If you want to know what is selling then just look here. It is a great free tool use it,

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A New Blog is Born

I have been away for while, for one reason or another. Anyway, I decided to take some of my own advice and set a blog from scratch to see how easy it really is to create another blog income stream.

In fact I resurrected an old domain that I had about my person. (In a previous life I had a radio show on a community radio station which allowed me to play all the music I love, blues, real rock. Stuff like Zappa, Beefheart, Wreckless Eric, you get the idea. The old site supported the show with play lists and discussions. When the station died so did the site).

Setting up the blog was easy, WordPress, of course, by far the best platform for a blog, and a free theme which looks pretty neat. Total set up costs, including the domain name that I bought a couple of years ago less that £20. Some, not much, research into key words. I did look at blogs in the area of classic rock to see what seems to work.

So far I have added a couple of Adsense ads (I hate sites overloaded with Adsense) and an Amazon shop containing only good music (well, my definition of good anyway).

Add to that regular posts about a subject I love and thats it. The results after 2 weeks? An average of 12 unique visits a day, with no promotion or back links. Some sales from Amazon, some click throughs and I have earned £30. Not bad but I have yet to add a mailing list and a good, it has to be good, Clickbank guitar tuition affiliate programme.

You will notice that I have committed one of the cardinal sins of blogging for cash. I did not do a lot of research and look for a hot niche. This was deliberate, for some reason I can not get exited writing about weight loss, acne cures or any of those, even though they would be far more profitable.

One thing that this proves is that an income stream is easily possible for no, or little outlay. If you want to see the result for yourself you can visit here. Hey that is probably my first backlink! I love blogging.

I have started a Sqidoo Lens about this experiment. To catch up on how its going vist my lens

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The Value of a Good Host

If you visited this blog over the last week you will have found nothing here!

I am massively stupid sometimes and last Friday I managed to ‘kill’ this blog………….. :-(

Luckily, I am with Blue Host.  They were supportive, sympathetic and efficient.  After I had exhausted all my options (which really consisted of turning the PC off and swearing – well, a bit more than that, but not much) they stepped in and got the blog back in 24 hours.

I can not recommend Blue Host highly enough.

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