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The Decline and Fall of eBay

It is obviously too soon to write off eBay but the signs are there.  While I have been saying that I feel that they have lost focus and that they need to concentrate on their core business Scot WingoBhas been much more pessimistic about their future.  He has written a few detailed articles about the relative strength of ebay and Amazon.  You can read them here and they make sobering reading.

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eBay Users, How Many?

If you look at the number of users that eBay claims it shows something like 86 million.  However, look at it a bit closer and you realize that they include all seller and buyer Ids.  Many of us have more than one seller ID (I do) and a different buyer ID (I do).  The REAL number of unique users is, therefore, somewhat lower.

Amazon claims 83 million users.  That is a figure for registered buyers and sellers, like eBay.  Unlike eBay it is rare for an Amazon user to have more than one account.  Again it makes you wonder who is ahead in the world of ecommerce

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