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Somedays are better than others (2)

Today I opened up my email to find a string of “Sold Now Despatch” emails from Amazon.  Very nice.  Checking eBay and the same thing!

I have to say that over the last few weeks I have found that going to car boot sales at 7a.m. on freezing Sunday mornings a bit dour.  Sometimes turning over and going to sleep again was very tempting.

Selling successfully online is not easy.  Anyone who says that it is probably does not do it.  Online selling is great, as we all know, but demands that we keep a focus on what we are doing and why.

There are 4 things that we need when we embark on a successful selling career online.

1.                  Honesty, only if we are honest, to ourselves and our customers, will we succeed.

2.                  Good products.  Sell tat and you will fail.  Always strive to sell better and better goods.  Not necessarily more expensive goods but better quality.

3.                  Tenacity.  Turn over on Sunday mornings and you can kiss your successful online business goodbye.

And, last but by no means least;

4.                  Vision.  More specifically, a vision of why you are selling online.  What do you want and why?  Take time to write down why you are selling online.  Be as specific as you can be.  Do you want to quit the day job?  Do you want to make £1,000 in 10 days?  Do you want an extra £500 a month?  All are possible but you need to know, understand and believe your real motivation.  If you do not know why you are doing something you will stop at the first obstacle.  If you do not have a target how do you know if you are getting there?

What the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve.

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Amazon Vs eBay (7) – Selling Stability

sell successfully online
This is a short series of posts comparing selling successfully on eBay and on Amazon from the seller’s perspective. This time I am looking at selling stability.


OK, hands up anyone who fears for the future viability of either eBay or Amazon?  No one?  Absolutely right, they are both here to stay.

However, stability is more than the question about the corporate survival of either of these global brands.  It is about the stability that we as sellers enjoy.  How often have you logged onto eBay to find yet another announcement about changes?  Has that happened when logging into your Amazon seller account?

Result; Amazon wins.


Amazon            5.5

eBay                0.5

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Amazon Vs eBay (6)

sell sussessfully online
This is a short series of posts comparing selling successfully on eBay and on Amazon from the seller’s perspective. This time I am looking at selling formats.


Auctions – There is no contest here, literally no contest.  eBay wins!

Fixed Price – Certainly until recently there was no real contest here, Amazon was king.  However, 2008 has seen eBay move more towards fixed price listings while downplaying auctions.  The “best match” searches being just the last in a series of moves towards encouraging corporate sellers rather than hobbyist sellers.  So far, however, the advantage still lies with Amazon.

Result; Draw


Amazon            4.5

eBay                0.5

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