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eBay Feedback

I know that I am getting on a bit but I thought that I had written about this the other day……………..

Pete emailed me a couple of days ago and we began talking about eBay’s feedback policies (as you do).  In particular we emailed each other about DSRs (Detailed Seller’s Ratings).  I do not think that Pete agreed with me that stringent eBay feedback was good for sellers.

“It’s all in favour of the buyers” he said, and he is right.  Things are weighted in favour of the buyers, which is great for good sellers.  To be a powerseller the seller’s DSR has to be 4.6 out of 5 on average over 4 categories (accuracy of description, post and packing, speed of delivery, and communication) as well as making the sales targets.  The sales targets are not too stretching to be honest so the DSR is best measure of whether a seller is doing a good job.  This means that all sellers must strive to give good customer service.

It also means that it is easier for buyers to differentiate between good sellers and average ones.  All the better for us, good sellers.  I have said it before the definition of good customer service is to exceed the buyers’ expectations, not match them, exceed them.  As a buyer what do you want?  never give your customers less than what you want.

Bring it on, I say, go on eBay raise the DSR requirements to an average of 4.9 not a piddling 4.6!  4.9 just “happens” to be where I am at the moment 😉

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Those of you who read my personal blog will now that this year has not been one of my finest, so far.

One of the effects of what has happened is that I have found motivation a problem.  How is it possible to maintain motivation in the face of ongoing adversity?

I knew an insurance salesman once who had a ‘sunshine’ tape.  It was a collection of songs that always lifted his spirits.  Make no mistake, Malcolm was very successful.  He was a member of the MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) and all that.  Also as this was in the 70s that is saying something.

The best tip I had about motivation from Malcolm and one that kept him going was to treat sales and business as a process.

He converted 1 in 4 prospects he had a meeting with.  He needed 5 referrals from existing clients to new prospects to get one interview.  That meant he needed 20 referrals for one sale.  19 rejections.  His take on this was, as his figures were more or less constant each ‘rejection’ was just moving him closer to that sales because it was part of the process, it was natural.  It was as is he had a black box with one knob on it, turn the knob 19 times and on the 20th turn he would get £1,000.

If you had that box how many times would you turn the knob each week?

Make that philosophy work for you.

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Article Marketing

I recently discovered the world of Article Marketing. Article Marketing means writing articles about my specialty or business, and publishing it. I’ve found out there are many article directories online, and I can post my articles on each of them.

Since those articles include my info and link to my site, I’ve realized it has such great potential! I gain more exposure (people can find me more easily and from new sources), I can show my expertise, and of course it increases my reputation and credibility.

Even though, I felt there was much more to it.

So I came across an e-book written by the founders and owners of one of the biggest articles directories (and my favorite one):

I was really impressed by the contents of the e-book. It explains all the “do’s and don’ts” of Article Marketing and gives tips and instructions on how to use this magnificent ad tool to its fullest potential.

To anyone who wishes to increase site ranking, publicity and advertise effectively at a low cost, I highly recommend this e-book. You can read more about it here:

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