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Private Label Rights

Great PLR content for nothing is a reality after all

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately about Private Label Rights (PLR) content. I used to think that it was only for lazy people who didn’t want to do their own writing. But as I learn more, I’ve come up with lots of great ways I can use PLR in my own business.
If you don’t know what I’m talking about, PLR is content that you get from the original author along with their permission to use it as your own. So you can get a great report, put your name on it and have your own product to sell or give away!
The first couple of products I created using PLR only took me about half an hour. There have been a few sales so far from them so that was definitely time well spent.
When searching for PLR content to use, I found there were a lot of different types of sites available. Some offered monthly memberships and others offered just one time purchases. So be sure to look around before you decide where to buy.
 The site I found that was by far the best was PLRWholesaler. Not only do they have an unbelievable amount of content, but it’s completely FREE. Most sites charge an arm and a leg for the amount of content that this guy is giving away.And although I haven’t been through everything yet, what I have read is very good quality. It’s stuff you would actually want to use as your own.Since it’s free, I highly recommend that you check out PLRWholesaler and see if they have anything that you can use in your business. There just may be an ebook or audio recording that you could quickly brand with your information and start selling to your list.Check it out and let me know what you think…PLR Wholesale.  









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Steve’s Taken the Challenge!

Steve, who runs the excellent Electro Book Express (a good source of e-books) emailed me the other day to say that he has taken up the challenge to make $1000 in 10 days following the ideas on the page headed ‘Do you want cash fast’.


He is starting from a standing start, not using any of his existing lists, no stockpile of articles, and not in an area he has been involved in before.  His chosen niche for the challenge is the weight loss area.  He will be using a couple of affiliate products, a new site, and article marketing.    He is well aware of the amount of work that this will require but he says that he is up for it.


Further updates as I get them, I am sure we all wish him well – and a good rest when he’s done it!

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Why do we always look at Increasing Income?

One of the killers for any business is cash flow.  If there is no cash flow, if all your profit is tied up in slow moving stock, your business is dead.  Many people think that the only way out of this sort of situation is to increase the income of the business.  However, an equally effective way of countering the problem of slow turnover could be to reduce costs.


Before spending anything ask whether you really need to buy it.  As an example I use a firm called Viking Direct for all my stationery, packing, and printer needs.  I know that they are reliable and they will deliver the after I place an order.  This means that instead of stocking up on any of my consumables I can wait until I need them to buy them.  This releases some pressure on my cash flow.  It is called ‘just in time’ replenishment.


Other ways to relieve pressure on your cash flow include;


1.                  Barter.  You will have many contacts from your business if it has been running for any length of time.  Can you barter with them for anything you need?  If you do not have any physical goods you may be able to use your knowledge as a barter item.  You could share your lists and leads with others to increase both of your businesses without increasing your marketing costs.

2.                  Free Stuff.  I know that it is nice to have a brand new software program that is all bells and whistles but do you need it?  Look at the functionality you need, chances are that there is freeware out there that will do the job.

3.                  Buying.  You probably sell on eBay why not buy on eBay?  I am always amazed that people will spend loads on new office furniture and ignore some of the bargains on eBay.

4.                  Negotiate.  “If you don’t ask you won’t be given” as my father used to say. Everything is negotiable, and if it isn’t go somewhere where it is.

5.                  Search.  I like Viking Direct.  They give me good service and the prices are a lot better than most places.  However, if I find someone with the same level of service and lower prices will I stay with Viking Direct?  What do you think?


Most importantly, plan ahead.  The last thing you need is to run out of something and have to go to the high street to replace it.  Just in time is a great philosophy but if you plan ahead are anticipating future needs and come across a good bargain then you are well placed to make savings.  Just remember, that however cheap something is if it is going to be on your shelf for any length of time it is reducing your cash flow. 


Be aware of the issue of cash flow before it becomes a problem and take steps to prevent it ever being a problem.

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The Trouble with e-Mails

I was  prompted to write this after reading the excellent Matt Garrett’s blog the other week. 

He was writing about the problem of dealing with too many e-mails.  It turns out that we have a similar approach to the problem.  Here is what I do.

I only open the e-mails that I know I want to read straight away.  All the others are saved into a folder.  I only look at them again after a couple of weeks.  I know, what if I have missed anything important?  Well, I haven’t so far….

I will read anything from friends, PayPal, Amazon (especially the ‘Sold, Dispatch Now’ e-mails), and particular newsletters, like Jim Cockrum’s, straight away.  The rest tend to be e-mails from people wanting to sell me something of newsletters that looked good at the time I subscribed.

I go back to the folder when I have time.  If a newsletter is nothing but a thinly disguised sales letter then I unsubscribe.  If the e-mail includes something interesting it will still be relevant after 2 weeks.  The only things I miss because I have not opened them straight away are ‘time limited’ offers – although are still running 2 weeks after the closure date!  I have a dislike of time limited offers.  Most seem to be using a ploy to engender a sense of excitement about an otherwise rubbish offer.

How do you deal with a torrent of e-mail?


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Home Office Organisation (2)

Well, the office still has not moved, we are debating what colour the walls of the new office should be.  Believe me I do not care, however, Jane seems to think it important……

Anyway, back to business.  When setting up your office what do you need to consider?  The first thing is space.  How much space do you need?  In my case, as I said last time, the move of offices has been prompted by my spacial needs to hold my growing stock of books.  I could store the books in the attic and keep the office in the present room, but is that practical?  Running up and down stairs to find books so that I can take them back to the office to weigh them so that I can package them, the space needed to wrap them etc.  It is the practicalities that you need to consider.  For me I need to move my office.

For many a good option for the office and inventory storage is the garage (if the house has one) or a shed in the garden.  If that works for you then fine.  Again think about the practicalities.  Is there electricity?  Is the shed or garage sound and dry?  Is it secure?  How easy will it be for you to make a cup of tea or coffee (do not underestimate the need to drink coffee while you work….)?

Do you need space for a workshop if you are repairing musical instruments, making garden ornaments or whatever.  What special needs does the nature of the business present?  There is an adage that says ‘measure twice, cut once’.  It as true of running and starting a business as it is when woodworking.

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The Purpose of a Business

When I was a young lad of 16 I went to work in a bank.  There I met a man called John James who was the sub-manager.  He took me on as his ‘project’, lord knows I did not have a clue.

One day he asked me a question.  “What is the purpose of a business?”  Obviously I said to make a profit.  That was wrong.  He said that the purpose of any business is to provide a service, the objective is to make a profit.  Anyone in business loses sight of this simple truth at their peril.

This applies to all of us working from home.  We must provide a service that allows customers to feel that we deserve their business.  We must give value.  Not just in terms of price but delivery times and the quality of what we sell.  I always try to post my items that day of the order, certainly by the end of the next working day and never any later than that.  That is one of my missions.  I always include a note with each sale to say thank you.  It is personalised and I often talk about the purchase describing the book or how best to look after the Zippo or whatever.

The result? 2000 positive feedbacks on eBay and not one negative.  You can not buy that sort of recommendation!

It is all about providing a service, John James was right!

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They Want Your Money

I received an e-mail today.

It told me that my bad grammer could be  ‘costing me sales’  For just $97 I could correct this problem.

I would have believed the e-mail more if;

1.  He said ‘never, never’ rather than ‘never never’

2.  Spelt ‘Essientials’  ‘Essentails’.

3.  Used vs rather than Vs.

4. Spelt ‘leran’ rather than ‘learn’.

The moral is, do not take anything that is sent to you as the truth.  Look for the motive behind the e-mail.  If someone wants to sell something to you just how trustworthy are they?  Look for reviews of their product, what do others say?’ 


More than that I do not trust anyone who does does not me that courtesy of using a spell checker on their sales page.  They do not deserve my (our) business.

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